BD clean a voluntary based nonpolitical platform has been working restlessly since 3 June, 2016 with a view to establish a clean and hygienic Bangladesh. Currently in this platform more than 13000 registered members are working continuously which is gradually increasing to fulfill the dream of a clean Bangladesh

Still now BD clean doesn’t operate it’s activities by receiving any grants from others. From the beginning BD clean performs it’s progress by the financial support of it’s members. Due to the extension of activities it is hard to manage it’s programs only with the willful support from the members. As BD clean is not sponsored or grant based organisation, so we tactically decide to nominate some honorable members who will be designated as Honorable Member of BD clean.

Those Honorable Member will assist wholeheartedly by selfless financial support to make true the dream of a Clean Bangladesh. BD clean will perform all of it’s activities through their tremendous support which helps to achieve a international recognition as clean Bangladesh. You can also be an honorable member of BD clean.

Be a Part of Clean Bangladesh

Membership Rules :

  • Any citizen of Bangladesh or any immigrant Bangladeshi or any organisation of Bangladesh will be able to being an Honorable member by filling form provided by BD Clean.
  • Every Honorable member of BD Clean Central have to provide 100,000 tk to BD clean per year.
  • Every Honorable member of BD Clean Division have to provide 50,000 tk to BD clean per year.
  • Every Honorable member of BD Clean District have to provide 25,000 tk to BD clean per year.
  • Every Honorable member of BD Clean Upazila have to provide 15,000 tk to BD clean per year.
  • The Membership will be renewed after every one year.
  • If any person is involved in any anti-state activities, will be considered as unfit for being honorable member, as well as after getting membership, if anyone involved with any anti-state activities or convicted by the court, that membership will be terminated.

Advantages of membership :

1. People and institutions having the Honorable membership of BD Clean will be introduced respectively with photos and logos in its own web pages and facebook pages.

2. Members will be invited to every weekly event or in special events to ornament the seats of honorable guests.

3. They will be invited to ornament the BD Clean get-together parties scheduled at the end of every eight weeks.

4. In the presence of all members, a friendly feast will be arranged after the end of every seventeen weeks. Besides, an accurate estimation of expenditures will be presented before the members.

5. Every year, the honorable members will be given a distinction in the anniversary of BD Clean held on June 3.

6. Gratitude letters/letters of thankfulness will be given in recognition of getting a membership and all other contributions. We believe, the rich people of this country supported, support and always will support in all good deeds.

In order to build up a clean Bangladesh, make your contributions perfect through BD Clean.



For relevant information, please contact:

Farid Uddin – 01776268597

E-mail: or

Join today to Build a Cleanliness Country.