BD Clean T Shirt

BD Clean Member Features

One of the most important features of BD Clean member of the Constitutional Civil duties. All members of BD Clean are always seeking to get Bangladesh’s reputation in the world court. Every member of BD clean respects each other and free of Greed, Violence and Hatred. No person blames each other or the state to avoid civil duty. Every member of BD Clean believes in compliance with all the laws prevailing in the country. Apart from this, every member of the people, who are active in the service of the country, is a unique example of the unity and discipline of the country. In each word, each member of BD Clean is an ideal human being of Bangladesh and the whole world.


Member Eligibility

Any Bangladeshi citizen of any age is eligible to be a member of BD Clean who wish to give willing labor to the country subject to acceptance of BD Clean’s rules policy. But if the state is involved in any work or anti-development attitude of the state, its membership will be canceled at no notice. If there is any indecent behavior and violent attitude towards any member, including the disobedience of the organizational order, a notice will also be given to show evidence or cancel the membership.