We Are BD Clean



Young Businessman Farid Uddin Founded BD Clean in Dhaka the Capital of Bangladesh.


We create a mass awareness on clean environment and its impacts. To change the culture and mind setup about waste management.

BD Clean a youth based platform covered with red green spirit is working relentlessly to name Bangladesh as the cleanest country on the world’s cleanliness list.


Our goal as always is to build a Clean Bangladesh through awareness and change in attitude and lifestyle.


BD Clean is the prime purpose of establishing the status of Bangladesh as one of the cleanest nations by the world outside of the world, to establish an example of ideal harmony among all the citizens of Bangladesh.


On 3rd June 2016 an ‘average Bangladeshi Mr. Farid’ had a great idea to give our nations a sense of realization about cleanliness around us. This idea has now become the nation’s largest community-based environmental platform, BD Clean looking for national level recognition as one of the national days.


BD Clean’s slogan is “Let Cleanliness start from me.” Our main goal is to build a clean and sanitary Bangladesh by increasing the awareness of the use of garbage bins to change people’s habit of throwing trash anywhere.

BD Clean is that all members must obey their constitutional civil duties. No one blames one another or the state to avoid civil duty. Every member believes in compliance with all the laws prevailing in the country. They are encouraged to motivate other people in their locality to create awareness about cleanliness. Bangladeshi people of any age who wish to give willing labor are eligible to be a member of BD Clean.

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